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Class 150 Gate Valves with Universal Trim

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Cast carbon steel gate valves 150 pound pressure class with bolted, outside screws and yoke, FLEX-WEDGE and seal welded seat rings manufactures in accordance with API 600.

These gate valves are used in pipelines and in facilities for water, steam, non-aggressive gases, naptha, naptha derivatives and in power and process installations. In operating conditions up to 800°F (427 °C), in accordance with Pressure-Temperature Rating Table. Data included in this table meets the pressure-temperature rating of ANSI B16.34

Technical Data
The basic dimensions of the gate valves are in accordance with attributes given below. Face to face dimensions of the gate valves are in accordance with ANSI B16.10. The pipe flanges are regularly furnished faced and drilled with 0.062" (1.5mm) raised faces, in accordance with ANSI B16.5. The raised face of the pipe flanges are machined in accordance with MSS SP-6.
The wedges are of single wedge flexible type providing greater sealing capabilities and lower torque requirements. Operation is performed by non-rising hand wheel; the closing direction is to the right. Upon request, gate valves are made with enclosed bevel gearing. For remote control, these valves can be equipped with electric and air motor operating units.
The wedges have accurate guide slots, assuring true alignment and providing full guidance during operations.
The seat rings are sealed welded in the body and are made of carbon steel with hard faced seal surfaces. The seat faces on the wedges are made by welding on 13 CR Stainless Steel.
The gate valves are provided with a backseat bushing in the bonnet, enabling replacement of the stem packing when the valve is in wide open position.

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Valve Size

1512-2-UT 2" 150 Class Gate Valve 2 in
1512-2-1/2-UT 2 1/2" 150 Class Gate Valve 2 1/2 in
1512-3-UT 3" 150 Class Gate Valve 3 in
1512-4-UT 4" 150 Class Gate Valve 4 in
1512-6-UT 6" 150 Class Gate Valve 6 in
1512-8-UT 8" 150 Class Gate Valve 8 in
1512-10-UT 10" 150 Class Gate Valve 10 in
1512-12-UT 12" 150 Class Gate Valve 12 in
  Results 1 - 8 of 8 1