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250 lb SP Cast Iron Non-Return Valves

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Lunkenheimer Non-Return Valves cut out a boiler automatically when inside pressure drops suddenly or when heat is withdrawn. External spring is reversed and valve acts as a spring-loaded stop-chock valve. Spring may be adjusted from the outside while valve is under pressure to compensate for excessive steam pulsations. Valves may be installed in either vertical or horizontal position.

Bodies and Bonnets
Cast Iron. ASTM A-126

Seat, disc, back seat bushing and yoke bushing is S1 steam bronze, ASTM B-61.

Seating Surfaces
Regrindable. Seat disc and all other parts renewable.

Installation Note
Connection should be made directly to boiler outlet nozzle. Intervening pipe should be kept as short as possible. Normally shipped with external spring positioned for vertical installation. The external spring should be reversed when the valve is installed with the stem horizontal. Complete Information for installation and operation is attached to valve when shipped.

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Weight (Angle)

1408-3 3" Cast Iron Non-Return Valve 3 in 12 1/2 in 6 1/4 in 19 in 18 7/8 in 10 in 128 lb
1408-4 4" Cast Iron Non-Return Valve 4 in 14 in 7 in 22 5/16 in 22 1/16 in 14 in 212 lb
1408-6 6" Cast Iron Non-Return Valve 6 in 17 1/2 in 8 3/4 in 27.375 in 27 1/4 in 18 in 388 lb
1408-8 8" Cast Iron Non-Return Valve 8 in 21 in 10 1/2 in 35 1/2 in 34 15/16 in 22 in 734 lb
  Results 1 - 4 of 4 1