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Class 200 Bronze Check Valves

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Ruggedly designed for non-return control where pulsating action is present in general service use. Seats are regrindable and discs are regrindable and replaceable. All parts are renewable. Generally used in connection with globe valves because of similarity of flow characteristics.

Renewable, regrindable bronze; precisely guided above and below me seating faces to prevent cocking.

Regrindable, integral seats are machined to precisely fit taper of discs.

Proportioned for maximum strength, full flow. Large clearances at ends of pipe threads permit tight joints without pipe ends jamming diaphragms, distorting seat, or choking flow. Made of the highest quality steam bronze to resist wear and corrosion.

To prevent damage and leakage, the collar does not extend beyond the body neck. Wide Rats for 'ion wrench grip. Strong threads foe tight joints.

Installation and Maintenance
To facilitate removal for inspection or repair, vertical lift valves should be instated near a pipe union. Seating faces can be reground by removing cap and applying screwdriver to slot in stem.
Ball Check Valves are ideal for handling of high viscosity fluids which tend to slow down the operation of other types of check valves.

Stainless steel Provide multiple seating contacts. Wear is evenly distributed over entire area.

Large flow area in body minimizes friction resistance. Metal distribution and thickness provide ample safely at maximum rated operating pressures. Large clearances at end of pipe threads permit tight pipe connections without danger of pipe ends jamming against diaphragms, distorting the seat or choking the flow.

Wide flats for firm wrench grip. Strong threads for tight joints.

Integral. Bronze.

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414-3 3" Horizontal Check Valve 3 in 400 lb 17.0 lb
418-3 3" Vertical Lift Check Valve 3 in 400 lb 12.0 lb
416-3/4 3/4" Horizontal Ball Check Valve 3/4 in 400 lb 1.3 lb
414-3/4 3/4" Horizontal Check Valve 3/4 in 400 lb 1.3 lb
418-3/4 3/4" Vertical Lift Check Valve 3/4 in 400 lb 0.9 lb
416-3/8 3/8" Horizontal Ball Check Valve 3/8 in 400 lb 0.5 lb
414-3/8 3/8" Horizontal Check Valve 3/8 in 400 lb 0.5 lb
418-3/8 3/8" Vertical Lift Check Valve 3/8 in 400 lb 0.4 lb
  Results 26 - 33 of 33 1 2