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Item # 3072-6, 6" Class 300 Cast Steel Swing Check Valves

Cast carbon steel swing check valves 300 pound pressure class manufactured in accordance with ANSI B16.34.

These swing check valves are used in pipelines and in facilities for water, steam, non-aggressive gases, naphtha, naphtha derivatives and in other power and process plants, in operating conditions up to 800°F (427°C), according to Table No.1 data included in this Table meet the pressure temperature ratings of ANSI B16.34. They function equally well when installed in either horizontal; or vertical lines to prevent backward flow. (In vertical lines the flow direction must be upwards)

Technical Data
The basic dimensions of the swing check valves are In accordance with Table No. 4. Face to face dimensions of the swing check valves are in accordance with ANSI B16.10. The pipe flanges are regularly furnished faced and drilled with raised faces 0.062" (1.5 mm) in accordance with ANSI B16.5 (See Note). The raised faces of the pipe flange are machined in accordance with MSS SP-6.

The seat face in the body and on the disc are made by welding on 13 chrome stainless steel to the basic material of the body and disc.

The swing check valves are delivered protected against corrosion. The raised faces on the pipe flanges are protected against damage during shipment.

Specifications  · Line Flange  · Line Flange Bolts  · Parts and Materials  · Pressure-Temperature Rating  · Tests


Valve Size

6 in

Face to Face (L)

17.50 in

Height (H)

11.40 in

Approx. Weight

268 lb

Test Pressure

Hydrostatic (Seat) - 825 psig (56.2 bar-gage)
Hydrostatic (Shell) - 1125 psig (77.5 bar-gage)

Line Flange

Dia. (N)

6.00 in

Dia. (D)

12.50 in

Min. Thickness (b)

1.44 in

Bolt Circle (K)

10.62 in

Hole Dia. (d)

0.88 in

Raised Face Dia. (g)

8.50 in

Line Flange Bolts

No. of Bolts


Bolt Size

3/4 in

Parts and Materials
Key Part Material Specification
1 Body ASTM A216 Gr. WCB
2 Seat 13 Cr. Facing
3 Disc ASTM A216 Gr. WCB w/13 Cr Facing
4 Strap ASTM A217 Gr. CA 15
5 Disc Washer ASTM A276 Type 420
6 Disc Nut ASTM A194 Gr.6
7 Gasket Soft Iron, Corrugated
8 Cap ASTM A515 Gr. 70
9 Hinge Pin ASTM A276 Type 420
10 Strap Holder ASTM A216 Gr. WCB
11 Cap Screw ASTM A276 Type 316
12 Cap Stud Bolt ASTM A193 Gr. B7
13 Cap Stud Bolt Nut ASTM A194 Gr. 2H

Pressure-Temperature Rating
Temperature Working pressure
(ºF) (ºC) (psi) (bar)
100 38 740 51.0
200 93 675 46.5
300 149 655 45.2
400 204 635 43.8
500 260 600 41.4
600 316 550 37.9
650 343 535 36.9
700 371 535 36.9
750 399 505 34.8
800 427 410 28.3

Cast on the swing check valve bodies are the Lunkenheimer Trade Mark, nominal pressure class, nominal size, material designation, and an indication of the flow direction, all in accordance with MSS SP-25.

The swing check valves are hydrostatically tested in accordance with Table No. 2. meeting the requirements of ANSI B16.34 and MSS SP 61.

Note: Other flange facings and finishes in accordance with ANSI B16.5 are available on request. Butt weld ends will be furnished in accordance with ANSI B16.25. unless otherwise specified.


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