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Item # 1298-5, Royal Oil Cup Sight Feed

Figures 1298 and 1300
For use on stationary bearings.

"Royal" Oil Cups
A spring, bearing against the knurled regulating cap on top of the needle valve stem, secures the set of the feed when adjusted to any desired point of regulation. Both are furnished with snap cover for filling hole and central stem assembly nut.

Slide cover for filling hole, central stem assembly nut and regulating nut lock spring. Sight glass and indicating feed allow on and off field control without losing flow setting. Highly tempered steel spring automatically regulates position of feed valve stem.
Figure 1300 has a snap lever feed control. When lever is vertical, feed is open; when lever is horizontal, feed is closed.

Annealed glass tubing.

Bases and Covers
Pressed Brass.

Feed Regulation
Turn the knurled nut to right for decreased flow; to left for increased flow. Setting held by spring which engages the nut.

Sight Feed
Provided on Figures 1298 and A 1300.




Shank Pipe Thread

1/2 in

Capacity (Oil)

10 oz


1.9 lb

Cylinder Body Glass Size No.(Fig 526)


Cork Washer Body Glass Size No. (Fig 1062)


Max. Overall Height - Feed Nut Raised

6 13/16 in

Max. O.D. - Cylinder Body Glass

3 in


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