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Item # 907-BS-1/8, 1/8" Angle Bronze Stem Valve

Designed for fine, accurate regulation of flow to gauges and other delicate instruments. Compact and well suited for installation in close quarters. Globe models are offered with either bronze or steel stem.

Bodies and Bonnets
Precisely finished to assure accurate alignment of stem/disc and valve seat. Made of the highest quality steam bronze to resist wear and corrosion. Screw -in bonnet design includes large wrench grip.

Needle valve/stem discsThread pitch is extremely fine, providing for unusually close regulation.
Bronze stem/discs Available in globe and angle models. Exceptionally resistant to wear, corrosion, and embrittlement.

Integral. Angle of tapered seating face at end of stem is 30°.

Repackable under pressure when wide open.

Hexagon Head Gland
Permits the use of a light wrench to easily loosen and raise gland. Insures against leakage at the stem.

Two types available Non-slip design insures tight closing. (Sizes 1/8" and 1/4" do not have cross-bar extension.)
Indicator handwheel has numbered graduation marks which permit resetting the valve to predetermined degree of opening. A spring rachet holds the valve at its setting.

Specifications  · Principal Parts and Materials


Body Material



1/8 in


400 lb

Dim. A

1 3/8 in

Dim. C

11/16 in

Dim. E

2 5/8 in

Dim. F

2 5/8 in

Dim. G

1 1/2 in

Seat Diameter

1/8 in

Approx. Weight

0.3 lb

Operating Temperature

550 ºF

Principal Parts and Materials
Part Fig Material ASTM
Body & Bonnet All S-1 Steam Bronze B 61
Disc and Stem 906 BS, 1565, 1566, 907 BS Stemalloy, Rod (C69700) B371
Packing All JC 168 Kevlar  

These valves comply with ANSI B16.24 and MSS-SP-80


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