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Item # 230-70-1-1/2, 1 1/2" Swing Check Non-metallic Disc Valve

Ruggedly designed for dependable operation in general service use where full, free flow is required. Non-metallic discs close readily to a tight seat and are quick and inexpensive to replace. Valves function in either the vertical or horizontal position.

Renewable, non-metallic resilient Teflon discs are compounded for maximum wear and tightness. Depth of disc holder is equal to the thickness of the disc and provides full rim protection.

Seats integral
Aligned for tight dependable sealing.

Side Plugs Renewable
Serve as bearings for disc carrier pins. Easy to replace.

Figure 233 is designed with a spring to counter situations where violent pulsing action exist.

Renewable, non-metallic and resilient Teflon discs are compounded for maximum wear and tightness. Disc holder is held within close tolerances by tour guides to prevent cocking.

Seats integral
Surface is rounded for narrow line contact and lighter seating.

Proportioned for maximum strength, full flow. Large clearances at ends of pipe threads permit tight joints without pipe ends jamming diaphragms, distorting seat, or choking flow.

To prevent damage and leakage, the collar does not extend beyond the body neck. Wide Hats for firm wrench grip. Strong threads for tight joints.

To renew disc,  simply unscrew locknut from disc holder, remove old disc, and insert new one.

Specifications  · Principal Parts and Materials


Body Material



Swing Check Non-metallic Disc Valve


1 1/2 in


300 lb

Dim. A

4 1/2 in

Dim. E

2 7/8 in


6.6 lb

Principal Parts and Materials
Part Fig Material ASTM
Body & Cap T-1 Bronze B62
Disc   Teflon D1457
Disc Holder T-1 Bronze B62
Spring 231 None  
233 Stainless Steel (No.303) A313


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