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1298 Lubricating Device


Figures 1298 and 1300
For use on stationary bearings.

"Royal" Oil Cups
A spring, bearing against the knurled regulating cap on top of the needle valve stem, secures the set of the feed when adjusted to any desired point of regulation. Both are furnished with snap cover for filling hole and central stem assembly nut.

Slide cover for filling hole, central stem assembly nut and regulating nut lock spring. Sight glass and indicating feed allow on and off field control without losing flow setting. Highly tempered steel spring automatically regulates position of feed valve stem.
Figure 1300 has a snap lever feed control. When lever is vertical, feed is open; when lever is horizontal, ...
540 Lubricating Device

Screw Lid Small Base Oil Cup

Lunkenheimer Oil Cups are made of heavy cast brass. They provide a simple method of feeding grease to a bearing. They are heavy and sturdy for long service.
510 Lubricating Device

Ideal Automatic Spring Feed Grease Cup

Fig. 510 "Ideal" has automatic spring feed regulating device in the base. Provides continuous pressure on the lubricant which forces the grease to the bearings.
512 Lubricating Device

Marine Plunger Screw feed Grease Cup

Fig. 512 "Marine" has plunger screw feed for positive displacement of heavy grease to bearings.
556 Lubricating Device

Gem Cap Screw Feed Grease Cup

Fig. 556 "Gem" has cap screw feed for positive displacement of grease to bearings.
1834 Lubricating Device

4 oz Oil Capacity Globe Body Oiler

Lunkenheimer Alvor bottle oilers automatically maintain a constant oil level in ring oiling bearings or anti-friction bearings suitable for oil bath lubrication. They feed only when the oil level in the bearing reservoir is low enough to break the liquid seal at the end of the shank, insuring a constant oil supply to bearing.

Alvor controls may be installed through either the side or bottom connection of tee fitting and bearing box.

Bases of Alvor bottle oilers are Brass. Bottles are general service glass.
501 Lubricating Device

Sight Feed Valves